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It’s incomplete to play basketball without using basketball shoes. Aside from its desig which will definitely feel comfortable when playing basketball, its increasingly trendy physical appearance will also increase confidence when used. But do you know, to get to this day, basketball shoes go through four important eras. Sepatu Olahraga

  1. The Classical Era

In 1920, basketball player Chuck Taylor introduced and popularized the converse shoes used for playing basketball. This type of shoe became very popular and had dominated basketball for 40 years. There are 500 million pairs sold throughout the world at that time. The popularity of converse began to decline with the introduction of leather shoes as new basketball shoes.

2. The Jordan Era

Great basketball player Michael Jordan is the pioneer in this era. In 1984, Jordan appeared to the match using his own shoes called Air Jordan 1. These shoes are considered to have a new breakthrough in terms of design so much in demand. Reebok brand shoes also have a share in the development of shoes in this era by issuing Pump shoes that have pumps on the tongue of the shoe, serves to push the air inside the shoe. Sepatu Basket

3. The golden era

This era is called the golden era because of the success of various designs, concepts and new technologies that can be accepted by the market. After Jordan retired, shoe manufacturers looked for other players to ‘face’ their brands such as Charles Barkley who sponsored Nike in 1994, Allen Iverson with Reebok in 1996, and Kobe Bryant with Adidas in 1998. Sepatu Jogging

4. Throwback era

Towards the end of the 1990s, not many new breakthroughs were released in the basketball shoe industry. However, many producers issued old products back in the form of throwbacks. To add interest, old shoes are issued with many color choices. Only Nike made a significant breakthrough by releasing the Nike Shox collection which took 10 years to develop.

5. This time

At present, both classic and modern basketball shoes have a high number of enthusiasts. This happens because basketball shoes are not only limited to being used for sports but also as fashion items that must be owned by fashion lovers.

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